Affiliate Help Topics

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Even if you have read everything here, there will certainly still be many unanswered questions.
Maybe you already have special requirements and wishes?

The solution: You can contact us via a special e-mail address:

We are also happy to arrange a telephone or video conference (WhatsApp, MS Teams, Zoom, Discord, Skype, Signal, Telegram) by prior arrangement to clarify things such as:

  • How to get additional advertising material like images or banners?
  • Are there more videos available?
  • Can special pictures and videos be requested?
  • How about free webinars?
  • Can someone help me with my internet presence (Photoshop, Camtasia, Premiere, WordPress, JS/PHP/SQL, Elementor, …)?

We are interested in receiving input and ideas on anything that will help us succeed together. And will try to make the impossible possible :-).

If you are not yet familiar with the affiliate model, please check out the If you are not yet familiar with the affiliate model, please check out the digistore24 website first.

Here some first affiliate-specific links:

After that, you should browse our website to get a feel for the scope and power of the MegaZine3 complete solution. Of course, you can also download and test the free demo version!

And if you are interested in a MZ3 license yourself: Please contact us and we may provide a voucher for an attractive discount!

To be able to sell our products, you need your own account at digistore24.
Registration and use of digistore24 is completely free and without any risk!

After you applied to sell our products  (easiest: follow this linkyou can start selling.

You have to act as a company or at least have registered a business, because digistore24 can not make any payouts without a tax number!

Once you are registered at digistore24, you can add all MegaZine3 products to your portfolio. That is done with a single click. You will be automatically accepted. There are no obligations or costs.

Everyone can act according to their possibilities, skills and time constraints and use the most suitable distribution channels. This can be their own blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or a built-up email list, or other.

Please act respectfully and do not spam!

Affiliates that come to our attention negatively will be blocked.

Our common goal is to find people interested in MegaZine3! And then to forward the potential customers to the sales page. If they then order one of the MegaZine3 products (licenses, upgrades, activation keys) and digistore24 can link the customer with the affiliate, the affiliate will get the agreed commission.

A registration as an affiliate at digistore24 can be done e.g. via these two ways:

  1. Using a dedicated Signup-Link
  2. Using the MegaZine3 promolink in the Marketplace

We use WordPress and the digistore24 plugin for our website. This provides a connection to digistore24 so that, for example, the digistore24-ID entered on the promolink page can be checked immediately and incorporated into the generated promolinks.
If a prospective customer follows one of the promolinks, a “cookie” is set in the browser, and when an order is placed for any MegaZine3 product, the affiliate can be detected and linked by digistore24. Any order can also be placed later and will still be recognized, as long as the customer does not delete his cookies. 

Explanation of Terms and Hints

Since last year (2020) digistore24 is our new reseller; and we became a happy vendor ;-).

Starting this year, we will make use of the very attractive affiliate program to market and sell our MegaZine3 products.

A big chance for all of us!

Do you want to participate?
Then please register with digistore24: It’s free, without any obligation and done in minutes.
Please use this link to register. The form for new affiliates can be found at the bottom of the page.
If you are already registered as an affiliate, simply log in. In both cases all of our MegaZine3 products are added to your account and then can be found in the product list.

A promolink is a special link that contains the destination web address (URL) of the promoted product, the product ID and the AFFILIATE ID. You then send a promolingk to potential prospects (via email, social media, your own blog, etc.), and after clicking on the link (or the product image with link), the prospect is forwarded to the corresponding product page. Ideally, he then immediately (or later) makes use of the “Buy Button” and orders the product 😉 digistore24 identifies the affiliate via the promolink (a set cookie), and the affiliate receives the agreed commission. Prepared promolinks, combined with the respective product image, can be found here.

After all MZ3 products are registered with digistore24 (e.g. done using the registration link), you can open the product list in your affiliate area in selecting the tabs “account – partnerships”. There you will find all registered products, of all vendors you added.

Promolink List EN Clicking on the icon of the magnifying glass, a detail window opens showing besides other details the corresponding generated promolink for the selected product. See the following Example for details about an MZ3 business license, including the generated promolink: Promolink Details EN You can copy the generated promolink with “CTRL-c”, or a right-click and then selecting “copy” in the context menu. Then you can manually substitute “CAMPAIGNKEY” with your own text, which will be used to track the promolink. modified promolink EN The string used for tracking (the “campaign key”) can be any character or digit, including “-” and “_”. The affiliate will use the adjusted promolink and send it to potential customers, i.e. people that have been identified as “prospects” with potential interest in the product. If such a prospect turns into a customer when he clicked on the promolink and with that opened the respective degistore24 shop; and eventually ordered the product, digistore24 will ship the license key to the customer and pay the commission to the affiliate,

An Affiliate-ID (also called Digistore24-ID) is the “name” you used to register with digistore24.

You will find your Digistore-Id on digistore’2 website (top left) after you logged in.

hint affiliate id

The AFFILIATE-ID must be part of every promolink you use.
You can create promolinks manually and add all data including your AFFILIATE-ID manually.
But making use of a “promolink generator” is much more comfortable, safer and easier.


A Promolink prepared automatically for me as affiliate, with MZ3 business as product to promote, will look like this:

business promolink

The product ID links to the respective product page on our website, as defined by the vendor.
The Affiliate-ID links an order with the Affiliate, so digistore24 is able to compensate the affiliate and pay the defined commission!

The placeholder for the tracking code (campaign key) can be substituted with whatever helps the affiliate in tracking his campaigns.

Example of a campaign key: facebook-promo-20210412

You can attach your own campaign text to a promo link. This is an optional, freely definable identifier that helps to assign an order to a sales channel. This string is usually chosen according to the sales channel used, to enable tracking of the most successful sales channels/advertising media.

Examples of a campaign text (CAMPAIGNKEY):
facebook20210412 or blog1 or youtube-video1

In the reports of digistore24 the CAMPAIGNKEY is displayed for every order (if it was defined).

It is very easy preparing fully fully specified Promolinks with out Promolink Generator on the Promolinks Page. There you simply enter your Affiliate-ID and, if desired, a Campaign-Key. And all Promolinks offered on that page are completed with both the Affiliate-ID and the Campaign-Key.

Watch this video to see how easy it is!

Add Campaign Key to Promolinks

This video shows how fast and easy it is to enter a campaign key that then is used in all offered Promolinks