Buy Activation Keys

Buy Activation Keys

Enter the product key of your product and you can go ahead to the shop and buy additional Activation Keys. The price of an Activation key varies by product and volume; see details in table below.

Prices are net prices per single Activation Key


MZ3 plus MZ3 pro MZ3 business
Volume 1-4 5-19 20+
Discount 10% 20%
Price €9.90 €8.91 €7.92
Volume 1-4 5-19 20+
Discount 15% 25%
Price €8.90 €7.57 €6.68
Volume 1-9 10-49 50+
Discount 20% 30%
Price €6.90 €5.52 €4.83


The price of an Activation Key is product and volume specific. The better the license and the higher the number of Activation Keys purchased in a single order, the better the price (see table above).

Note: An MZ3 basic license cannot be used for Online books and therefore needs no activation keys.

Owners of an MZ3 plusMZ3 pro or MZ3 business license  version 2.5.1 or higher can buy Activations Keys to use additional Online books.

An activation key is required for each book to be posted online. The number of activation already included with a product  depends on the product variant (the license).

If all available activation keys are assigned to books, additional activation keys are needed for more books.

To buy additional activation keys, the product key must be entered first.

Then you may proceed to the shop to purchase the requested number of Activation Keys. Volume discounts are available.

Name and email address and in case of a company also company name and address are prefilled in the order form. All you need to do is check the number of activation keys you want to buy and adjust the count if necessary.

Upon receipt of the payment, the purchased activation keys are immediately and without further intervention added to the database, i.e. assigned to the previously selected product, and are available for the creation of new Online books.


Please note: if you select more than 10 or 50 keys, respective discounts will be granted.

According to US law you are entitled to return the Activation Keys at no cost within 60 days after the purchase.

Simply follow the link on the order confirmation email.

After the receipt of such a request, we will cancel the Activation Keys in the MegaZine3 Database and can no longer be assigned to Online Books.

All  books already published with one of the new Activation Keys must be deleted on the server within 14 days after the cancellation of the order.