Buy Upgrades

Buy Upgrades

The price varies by product, but always is 50% off the current license cost.
Just enter the product key of your product and you can buy Upgrades for these prices:

  • MZ3plus
    Upgrade Cost: € 14,90 net 
  • MZ3 pro
    Upgrade Cost: € 25,78 net
  • MZ3 business
    Upgrade Cost:  €79,95 net

Note: An MZ3 basic license cannot be upgraded.

Owners of an MZ3 plusMZ3 pro or MZ3 business license  version 2.5.1 or higher can buy a new major version at any time.

An upgrade is product-specific and can be purchased with a discount of 50% on the product price; no matter which version number is to be upgraded. I.e. you do not lose your right to upgrade, and the upgrade price always is the same, independent on how long you wait 😉

Cross grades are not supported (e.g. from an MZ3 plus to an MZ3 pro version)

Please enter the product key (license key) of the product you want to upgrade.

If the product key is found in the MegaZine3 database and there is a newer version than the currently used version, the “ORDER” button will be displayed and you can access the order form, already prefilled with name and possibly company name and address.

Immediately after receipt of payment, the new version number is assigned to the selected product, and all new features can be used immediately after downloading and installing the new version.

The latest version is always available for download on the homepage of MegaZine3 as a “test version”. After entering the product key, the test version will be turned into a full version and the new features can be used immediately.

Note:For security reasons, you should copy the folder “documents/mz3Tool” (and for a macOS also the mz3Tool program). It is also recommended for Windows users to save/back up the mz3Tool installer of the old version so you can switch back in case of problems.

Additional tip for Windows users: On a Windows PC, the new version can be optionally installed in a different folder at installation time, so that multiple versions can be used in parallel on Windows.

Please take the chance and test the new features of the latest version in downloading the free test version before you purchase an upgrade!

According to US law you are entitled to return the upgrade at no cost within 60 days after the purchase.
Simply follow the link on the order confirmation email.
After the receipt of such a request, we will cancel the order in the MegaZine3 Database and you will lose all benefits of the update.

Note:An MZ3 basic license never can be updated or upgraded.

Owners of an MZ3 plusMZ3 pro or MZ3 business license can download a new “minor” version of the same product you are using  here.

A “minor” version only differs in the 4th, last digit of the version number, like from v2.5.1.4 to

In case of a major version number change (digits 1, 2 or 3 of the version number differ) you had to upgrade your product (see above).