No more Upgrades for MegaZine3 v2.4.x

Version 2.x came to end of life!

A new child was borns: Version 6.

This is kind of follower after version 2.5, which lived for a while as beta version, but then was stopped. We will send out a newsletter with links to the new version and a voucher for Mz3 Tool6 and Mz3 Photobook6, which is kind of substitute of an upgrade 😉

Reason for the new version:

Due to new features and dramatically changed some user interfaces and data structures, it became impossible to keep  a backward compatibility.

Therefore we used the chance and re-implemented big portions of Mz3Tool, the Viewer and Player.

And renamed all products to:

  • Mz3 Tool6 
    This is the full toolset and offers still most of the “old” funktionality, but with several improvements.
    Just to mention two of them:
    • Mostly fully automated registration of activation keys.
      The old publish menu disappeared and was substituted by a pop-up.
      This pop-up not only simplifies operation but also offered many plausibility checks and logic.
      As result you no longer have to care about activation keys, URLs and licenses.
      After the first entering of the license ley and the definition of the BASE URL, everything runs in the background…
      As long as still a free activation key is available.

      If an automatic activation no longer is possible, you are pointed to the registration window where you can remove unused activation keys or order new ones.

    • New feature: EXIF Pop-Up (in the Online Version)
      Mz3 Player6 now supports a pop-up that shows key EXIF data like camera settings, date and, if available, GEO position including a map with a marker pointing to the location where the photo was taken.
      The same feature which became a key asset of the new product M3 Photobook6
      Although the EXIF Pop-Up only is available with Mz3 Player6 in the Online version, incase of GEO position found in the EXIF data a link to an openstreetmap website is offered, that also shows a marker for the camera position.

  •  Mz3 Player6
    Mz3 Player6 is automatically used for the Online Version by Mz3 Tool6. It supports all features of Mz3 Tool6, but does not support and work with the old version. Old books will show watermarks and even might crash.
    A validity check of the activation key at run time allows us to allow a re-use of activation keys!
    An activation key can be re-assigned to another book at another URL; but only together with the original license key.
  • Mz3Viewer6
    The new version works together with Mz3Tool6 and should (!) even support old books. It understands the EXIF data provided by Mz3Tool6 and shows a marker in Images with EXIF GEO data the links to an OpenStreetMap website, where a marker at the photo location is positioned.
    It also accepts now a link to an “.mz3z” File (an “Offline-Package”)  in the Internet!


Please contact us in case of questions

If you want to crossgrade to the new version now and missed the newsletter (or are faster than  us 😉 ), we can help out!

The Shop for the new products almost is ready; see the new websites provided as link in above text.
If you need a macOS version, you can find all links on kind of “hidden” page, currently living at: