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Digital Publishing with MegaZine3

Create and Distribute Digital Publications

With MegaZine3, anyone can quickly and easily create
interactive, multimedia and flippable
eBooks, magazines, catalogs, brochures, photo books, etc.

For viewing on any device over the Internet or locally on Windows and macOS computers.


Webdesign Photography Business Example 1
Portfolio Fashion Photographer
Webdesign Magazine Example 1
Fly & Spin Fishing Magazine
Webdesign Photobook Example 1
Travel Photobook

MegaZine3 Versions

MZ3 private

The perfect Solution for any private person with no commercial interests. Build whatever you want, without any limitations in the number of Offline or Online books!

You can share “documents”  like:

Wedding books, art books, travel books, family books, vidoe. and ausio books, calendars, any kind of documentation, reporting specifics about hobby, sport events or whatever!

Find out how easy it is to share photos and videos the way you want!

MZ3 business

The “White Label Full Version” for any company, small / mid size or big!

Like restaurants, online and real shops, Publishers, Web Designers and general any company with “anything to show and tell: Catalogues, annual reports, magazines and newspapers, eBooks and and and..

For very attractive one-time prices!
Compare other offers and check the “look & feel” and the cost. And consider the openness and security, using your own computers and servers, without any needs to trust the Cloud.

Advantages of MegaZine3

No monthly fees, unlimited term

Find out what is your best fit in the Product Comparison Table

Create your own digital publications.

Quick and easy out of either a PDF File, or alternatively from images.

You will use your own computers (Windows or macOS PCs).

No need to transfer your data to “the Cloud”!

You are allowed to copy and use the mz3Tool software on as many computers as you like. You even can distribute (but not sell!) the software.

You can use your License key on whatever computer you are using.
The license is not bound to an individual!

Use your own Domain and Favicon!

And with MZ3 business  you even ycan build ‘White Label” Versions and use your company logo.

To display Offline Books on Windows or macOS PCs without the need of an Internet-connection or server as Offline-Publications, download the free mz3Viewer.
Also mz3Viewer can be copied “at will” and even distributed (but not sold)! To friends or customers or …

With all licenses but MZ3 basic you can sell as many eBooks or magazines as you like.
You also are allowed to sell ads.

So why do you wait? The license costs should be paid back within days!

There is no restriction in the number of languages you use in a book!

Switching the language is easy. It is your choice: You can make use of the provided flags or language icons; or use your own symbols.

You can add photos or any kind of image, video, audio and links to any page as you like.

And if you want to add dozens of photos ordered as you like it automatically in a predefined grid… Just do it; it is very easy!

Ever got upset about the sequence of your photos in books or lists?

Text “numbers” are a beast 😉

But we tamed it! You can sort in a very controlled way before you place your images on pages!

You have a big choice of parameters at your hands to fine-tune the look and feel. 

Indeed, we offered too many! So we reduced the 300+ parameters to a couple of doz ends. And offer comfortable filter and search options and parameter specific editors to support you best we can.


You can provide links to selected pages to your friends (Deep Linking is supported). And you don’t have to care about all those different formats and “META tags” Facebook & Co is requesting; we take care!

Starting with MZ3 Pro an additional presentation of the content is provided. For that we use the extracted text that we get from a PDF conversion. If you do not make use of PDF files: Don’t worry!
You can create such text data with any editor!

The text is presented in a non graphic format, so search bots (spiders, robots that Google & Co send out to sniff the websites) understand what you have to offer. And they can save the text in their databases, where it is used to satisfy search requests of the billions of users looking for your content 😉

But that’s not all! It is not just a version to satisfy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs, but also for users it offers big value!
The text can be searched with and browser’s search function!

And because the both presentations (the flip book and the paginated text) are kept in synch, you have the best of both worlds!

And that’s not it! All media elements like photos/images, video, sound and even links are listed at the end of each “page block”. So this kind of presentation is also a nice option for mobile users, when graphic text becomes hard to read (at least for us elderly people ;-).

Give it a try! You’ll love it!

We publish new versions on our website. So everybody with a valid product key can make use of the latest version; for free!

As long as it is a minor version change (only the lowest version number differ).

In case of a major version change (on average once a year) you had to buy an upgrade to take the benefits of a new version.

But it is completely up to you when you are ready to make that step!

You do not have to worry about deadlines!
Whenever you feel the need you can buy the upgrade; with a 50% discount on the valid list price!

This generous policy starts with version 2.5.3.x

A full documentation is available (for free 😉 ) in English and German.

This documentation is also used as context help, i.e. whenever you make use of a new option (clicking a button) the appropriate page in the documentation will be presented!

You can download the documentation as PDF file (button on the bottom of the left sidebar). And even print it…


Almost all possible operation steps are well documented. And when you operate mz3Tool, i.e. click a menu button, the corresponding page in the documentation will show up; automagically 😉

On top most interactive fields (buttons, input fields) offer a tool tip with helpful information!

You can toggle the tooltips on or off. Because experienced users might be nagged by the pop up information.

MegaZine3 provides and supports full access to all configuration files and data.You hopefully will not need it. but to better understand what’s going on or just out of curiosity you can have a look.
And since the format is either XML or JSON, it is fully readable and also editable with any text editor!
And if you mess up tings: Simply delete the corrupt file; it will be restored next time you start mz3Tool! So no worries…

  • Einfache und schnelle Erstellung digitaler Publikationen: mit wenigen Klicks aus PDF-Dateien oder direkt aus Bildern.
  • Geringe und feste Einmal-Kosten: Keine monatlichen Gebühren, unbegrenzte Laufzeit, beliebig viele Sprachen.
  • Für jeden das passende Paket: Eine Übersicht bietet der Produktvergleich
  • Sie entwickeln auf Ihrem Computer (Windows oder macOS): Es müssen keine Dateien auf fremde Server übertragen werden.
  • Sie dürfen auf beliebig vielen Rechnern parallel “entwickeln”, keine Personenbindung.
  • Sie können Ihren Server, Ihre Domain und Ihr Favicon nutzen.
  • Mit dem kostenlosen “Viewer” ist auch eine Nutzung ohne Server/Internet möglich.
  • Sie dürfen Ihre Online-Magazine, Zeitungen oder Bücher ohne Einschränkungen und Kosten verkaufen.
  • Publikationen können mehrsprachig sein; ein Umschalten erfolgt Seitengenau.
  • Bilder, Videos, Ton und Links können frei auf Seiten kombiniert werden; auch nachträglich.
  • Bilder können mithilfe intelligenter Filter in der von Ihnen gewünschten Reihenfolge angezeigt werden.
  • Sie können nahezu alles konfigurieren: schnell und komfortabel.
  • Unterstützung von “Deep Links” für soziale Medien: Sharen ausgewählter Seiten.
  • Exzellente SEO Unterstützung und Volltext-Suche durch alternative Text-Variante.
  • Kostenlose Updates derselben Hauptversion (andere letzte Versions-Ziffer).
  • Upgrades der Hauptversion einer Produktvariante sind von einer beliebigen Vor-Version mit 50% Rabatt möglich.
  • Umfangreiche deutsche und englische Online Dokumentation; als PDF downloadbar.
  • Detaillierte Kontexthilfe und Tooltipps
  • Alles ist offen und transparent. Sie haben Zugriff auf alle Dateien.
  • Wir sind zur Stelle, wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen: auf Deutsch, Englisch und Italienisch (und ein wenig Französisch ;-)!

Ausführliche Antworten finden Sie hier.