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Development Tool mz3Tool

Offline-Viewer mz3Viewer

The installer for the current version of the MegaZine3 development software mz3Tool and the offline viewer mz3Viewer can be downloaded here, free of charge. Please select the appropriate software: Windows or macOS

The mz3Viewer is a full version and works without license keys. It needs not to be activated.

The development software mz3Tool can be used for test purposes without product key (license key), without time restrictions.
Without a product key (the license key), a watermark appears on the left pages, which is removed once a valid product key is entered.

The download option for mz3Tool can also be used as free update.
Free updates are available for product keys where the first three digits of the version number match those of the purchased product variant, i.e. the version number only differs in the 4th, last digit.

Attention: If the first 3 digits of the version number are higher than the purchased version, this is a major version change and will not work as update!. In that case an upgrade must be purchased, in order to benefit from the new major version!