MegaZine3 Overview

The All-in-One Solution for Digital Publishing

Both the MZ3 private and the MZ3 business license do support all essential functions to create attractive digital publications. With just a few clicks, many types of publications can be created automatically out of PDF files or image collections:

Examples of digital publications

Digital Publications (or simply “books”) include e.g.:

mz3Tool  – Development Environment (IDE)

mz3Tool is the Software that guides you through all necessary steps of the creation of Digital Publications.
  • From the selection of the content
  • to sorting and scaling of images
  • and adding of media files like video or audio to pages
  • to styling and designing the book
  • and finally creating the final package for Online of Offline distribution and use.

Feature List (selection)

The following list provides an overview and insight into the range of functions.
  • Convert a PDF file to “Page Images”.
  • Automatically extract text information from a PDF file or manually enter it for SEO and search.
  • Create a book with the required number of blank pages.
  • Place images in a grid, or completely manually controlled with the mouse.
  • Add videos, audio files and links.
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails (small representations of pages) from the “page images”, which are used as “page preview” and for navigation
  • Convenient and user-guided input of parameters for “fine adjustments” of Look & Feel
  • Support by pre-assignment of all parameters; usually no further tuning necessary.
  • Help for setting special features such as pop-up or customer logo.
  • Automatic compilation of all programs, data and configuration files for publication as offline version (use with the free viewer)
  • Automatic compilation of all required data in a folder that simply is uploaded to the server. No server settings required!
  • Support to manage complex projects by showing all product keys and activation keys in a table; with transparent synchronization with the MegaZine3database; offering search and sorting functions.
  • Support for managing “MZ3 projects“, pages and content: viewing, sorting, deleting, adding.