MegaZine3 Product Comparison

MegaZine3 Product Comparison

  • MZ3 private
  • MZ3 business
Product Comparison MZ3 privateMZ3 business
Product Comparison
$3990 net
$13990 net
Product Details
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MZ3 private InfoMZ3 business Info
Thumbsnails (page icons) are created automatically out of PDF files and can be added manually also.
Multi Lingual Support
Each single book can support an unlimited number of different language versions. You can easily choose "your language" with an icon, e.g. a flag symbol.
Navigation Bar
Optionally a navigation bar (kind of menu) can be shown on top of the book. The Online versions support alternatively a "Berger Menu" also.
Included Publications
One Application Key is included with an MZ3 business License, supporting 1 Online plus 1 Offline Book.
Additional Publications
One dedicated Activation Key is needed to publish one assigned Title ("book"); as Online and/or Offline book. Activation Keys can be purchased at any Time.
1...n with Volume Discounts
Commercial Use
An Mz3 basic license does not allow sales of books (magazines, newspapers, eBooks, ...) or ads
SEO / Text Search
MZ3 pro andMZ3 pro and higher support an additional view of the book: as "pagingated", scrollable Text version with media elements (photos, video, audio and links), shown at the end of each page block. This supports improved SEO and full text search.higher support an additional view of the book: as "pagingated", scrollbale Text version with media elements (photos, video, audio and links) shown at the end of each page block.
Gallery in Lightbox
All images added as single image (not "page image"/background image) to pages can be browsed one by one in kind of a lightbox.
The MZ3 business version supports the elimination of all MZ3 information and links, like: poweredBy logo on main window in both online and offline books and the MZ3 Logo and name/company name on the last page in mz3Viewer (offline books).
Company Logo
A Company Logo can be added to any space on the background.
Google Analytics
A Google Analytics tracking ID can be defined in MZ3 business. MegazZine3 will add the Googel Analytics code to the index.html file and track visites of pages.
Only the MZ3 business version supports a configurable Pop-Up, that can motivate visitors to e.g. register for a newsletter.
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  • Term of License: unlimited All licenses have an unlimited lifetime. There are no monthly or annual costs (no subscription model!) The term of an activation key and its associated book is unlimited.
  • There is no maximum page count Each book can have an unlimited number of pages.
  • Multilingualism: no restrictions All desired language variants can be published in a book. A language switch can be done at any time, e.g. via flag symbols; with unchanged page number. A multilingual book counts as a book; only one activation key is required, regardless of the number of languages.
  • Changes to a book: possible without restriction A book can be changed at any time (e.g. after corrections) or exchanged/replaced.
  • Internet address: Customizable at any time A book can be removed from the old address and republished at a different address. Such change does not require a new activation key.

MegaZine3 Product Comparison

MZ3 private Specifics

  • Unlimited number of Offline and Online Books But: All Online publications must be located under the same main Domain No  activation keys need.
  • No commercial use, no sold Advertisements Advertisements in publications or the sale of books or magazines are not permitted with an MZ3 private license.

MZ3 business Specifics

  • Activation Keys For each Book and URL a dedicated activation key is needed. Online and Offline Books share one activation key. Activation Keys can be purchased separately with high volume discount or together with the license purchase as Add-On with additional significant discount.
  • Additional Features Special features included with the business license, like: White Label Version, own Company Logo, Pop-Up, Enhanced SEO, optional pure Text Pages, standard Search support, Gallery Feature, License Management.
  • Free updates
    Small version changes, i.e. changes in the lowest version number (so-called “patches”) are free and can be downloaded directly from the website.
    Patch example: v2.5.1.3 to v2.5.1.4
    Major version change example: v2.5.1.8 and v2.5.2.2 are 2 different major versions.
  • Paid upgrades
    Product upgrades can be purchased at any time with a discount of 50% on the current list price.
    This right does not expire. You can upgrade to the then current version at these conditions even after e.g. 5 years; regardless from which version you upgrade to which version.
  • Buy upgrades
    Before an upgrade can be purchased, the respective product key must be provided and validated.
  • Usage
    An activation key is required for every publication. One activation key covers both the Online and Offline version.
  • Volume discounts
    Best prices are offered together with the purchase of the Mz3 business license (as Add-On with high discounts).
  • Some Calculations/Examples:
    • 1. Example: A single publication can be published with just an MZ3 business license. If every year another publication (e.g. a yearbook) should be published and the old books stay online, one additional activation key is needed every year.
    • 2. Example: Monthly magazines with a rolling 2 year archive.
      In this case an MZ3 business license with 24 activation keys is needed. If purchased all together with the license, the total price is:
      € 197,50 only
      No follow-up costs!
  • Remarks
    A valid MZ3 business product key must be provided before the purchase form is available. Most contact data will be pre-filled, though.