MZ3 basic - Amazing Cheap License for Personal Use

Our amazing cheap MZ3 basic License  is your option  for a small budget
Ideal for anyone who doesn’t need an internet presence.

All the functionality of MegaZine3 is available.

In addition, the offline version supports the following special features; and more:

  • Slide show 
    Supports automatic page flips and is fully parameterizable. Adjust timing like delay between page flips, first page change after s specific time, go back to the first page after a certain time and more.
  • Bookmarks 
    You can add tabs to the side and upper edge f the book. Those tabs can be color marked and named at your choice and support a comfortable and fast navigation

You can create and publish an unlimited number of books. 

The mz3Viewer (needed to view the books) can be downloaded for free (no need to provide personal data like an email address), but can also be passed on by anyone without restrictions.

  • No online options
    The publications cannot be uploaded to a server. With that Browsers are not supported and the contend cannot be viewed over the internet.
  • No support for smartphones
    The mz3Viewer does support Windows and macOS PCs, but not (yet) tablets or mobile phones.
  • No commercial use.
    You must not sell books; only free distribution is permitted. You may place advertisements in your books. But you cannot ask for money for that service.
    A poweredBy logo with the text „non commercial“ indicates that.
  • Footer on last page
    On the last page a small footer is placed informing about the owner (name and optionally company name) and the license type.