MZ3 business - Attractive and Powerful Business Solution

This attractive and powerful business solution offers all benefits of the other licenses plus:

  • 1 activation key included
  • Books/Magazines/Journals/Newspapers and advertisements may be sold.
  • There is no revenue limitation per Activation Key
  • Optional Search Page with full text search support and improved SEO 
  • Additional Activation Keys can be added at any time with high volume discounts up to  50%.
    For special requirements (large number of publications, many URLs …) we will find a suitable solution!
    Just give us a call!
  • White Label Version
    Without “poweredBy” logo 
  • Own company logo
    It is easy and convenient adding your own company logo to the book area.
  • Pop-up Menu
    A small window that opens after an adjustable time and indicates special options; e.g. a newsletter registration.
    Delay and repeat times can be parameterized. Like a delay time (how long it takes to show the pop-up after the page was loaded), as well as the number of hours or days after that the pop-up is shown again.
    The content of the Pop-Up can be designed: add a logo, heading, text, action button
  • Support of Google Analytics
    It is sufficient to enter the tracking ID (a code in the form of UA-nnnnnnnnnn-n). MegaZine3 cares about the rest.
    But please ensure compliance with legal regulations!
    Often this kind of digital publications are offered as additional option (“page flip version”), and legal requirements are solved centrally.
    If there is interest in support by MegaZine3, e.g. to select the option to always block and only activate after approval (via a pop-up?!), we will gladly add this to the to-do list
  • More relaxed check verification of the URL, where the publications are published. But the full URL must be specified for publishing as usual.. However, there is no check at runtime. This can help to avoid problems with special network constellations.

For every published book an assigned Activation Key” is needed.

This allows an attractive license price and a “pay per use”.

Net Price
139.90 USD

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