MZ3 plus - Best price for Offline plus Online publications: MZ3 plus

This license offers the best price for Offline plus Online publications

All the functionality of MegaZine3 is available.

In addition, the offline version supports the following special features:

  • Slide show (automatic page flip, fully parameterizable: Timing, behavior)
  • Bookmarks (tabs at the fore or top edge of the book) for fast navigation

Unlimited number of books

The mz3Viewer (needed to view the books) can be downloaded for free (no need to provide personal data like an email address), but can also be passed on by anyone without restrictions.This

  • Online Publications, with 1 single Activation key In addition to offline publications, the created books/catalogs/magazines etc. can be uploaded to a server. Every current browser supports the use over the Internet. In addition to desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones are supported, too.
  • Commercial use allowed Despite the low price, any kind of commercial use is permitted. Publications may be sold in all variants (offline and online publications) and paid advertisements may be placed.
  • poweredBy Logo
    A poweredBy logo is shown in the top right corner of the window.
  • Footer in Offline Books
    Like with the MZ3 basic a small footer with name and license type together with a small MZ3 logo is shown on the last page of an Offline Book (only in mz3Viewer).