MZ3 Pro - For Professionals and Power Users

The perfect fit for Professionals and Power Users! 

Offering these additional and unique features on top of what you’d get with MZ3 plus:

  • 3 activation keys are included
  • Additional text variant
    In addition to all functions of the MZ3 plus, there is an alternative text variant in addition to the page flip view.
    By default, the text is extracted from the PDF and accurately aligned with the pages (by page markers added to the text)
    All images, videos, audio and links from the original pages are added to each “page” right after the text
    Clicking on an special (Search” icon in the navigation bar of the book will show the text version in a separate window/tab. Both views are automatically synchronized with page accuracy.
    The text version offers interesting additional functions:
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      The text can be found and analyzed by search engines (bots, spider) and is available to search engines for search queries.
    • Full-text search
      The text can be searched using the usual browser search functions.
      Comfortable page synchronization: the page with the found keywords in the text view is also opened/shown in the page flip version of the book/magazine.
    • Gallery
      If individual images are placed on pages (additional images to the background image/ “page images”, a click on one of those images will open kind of a Lightbox, where all images are collected and can be scrolled. Such images are displayed after the extracted text of a page; together with videos, audio files and links
  • No own logo (customer logo)
    Only the MZ3 business variant (white label version) does not show a “poweredBy” logo at the bottom right of the book A separate, additional logo can be displayed at any location (but will always behind the poweredBy logo).
  • No support of a pop-up window
    This option to point the reader to an important offer like a newsletter is also only available in the MZ3 business variant.
  • poweredBy Logo
    A poweredBy logo is shown in the top right corner of the window.
  • Footer in Offline Books
    Like with the MZ3 basic a small footer with name and license type together with a small MZ3 logo is shown on the last page of an Offline Book (only in mz3Viewer).