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MZ3 Tool6: Overview and Feature List

Create stunning Digital Books

  • eBooks
  • Diaries, photo books, calendars
  • Multimedia Books with audio and video
  • Magazines, newspapers
  • Brochures, menus
  • Catalogs
  • Manuals, documentation
  • Company Presentations, annual reports


Development Environment (IDE)

This powerful Toolset guides you through all necessary steps of the Creation Process for Digital Publications.

  • Select and add  Content: Images, PDF Files, Video, Audio
  • Scale and position Images; supported by a flexible Grid
  • Style and Design the book according your preferences (colors, size, Background Images, …)
  • Build automatically “Packages” for Online of Offline distribution (“Publishing”)

Feature List (selection)

  • Convert PDF files into “Page Images”.
  • Automatically extract text information from PDF files or manually enter it to support SEO and search.
  • Add and insert pages
  • Place images automatically in a grid or control everything manually by mouse or parameters
  • Add video and  audio files
  • Add Links to images or areas
  • Create thumbnails automatically for preview and navigation
  • In case a default parameter setting does not fit your needs, almost everything can be modified by dozens of parameters to “fine adjust” the Look & Feel of the book
  • Add a “nagging” Pop-Up (light box) to your Online Books
  • Substitute the MZ3-Logo with your own logo
  • Collect everything needed to present the book as Offline Version (in the free Mz3 Viewer6 in WIndows and macOD PCs) or Online Version (for upload to a server and use in any modern Browser); fully automatically!
  • Manage your books: Duplicate or Remove books, add or delete pages, move or copy page content, modify bookd and page background, …

Please find more details in the Mz3 Tool6 User Manual