Mz3 Tool6

Unique Tool Set for Multimedia Books

What Tools do I get for $49,90 to create Multimedia Books?

  • The Mz3 Tool6 App for Windows and macOS PCs.
    A tool set to build all kinds of digital multimedia books for business and personal Use Cases, supporting all MegaZine3 features
  • One “Activation Key” to publish the first Digital Book over the Internet
  • Online-User-Manual

Terms & Conditions

Commercial Use of Mz3 Multimedia Books is fully supported

  • Sell Online- and Offline- Books
  • Place paid Advertisements in your Books
  • White Label Support
    Exchange the MZ3 Logo with your own one

Total Costs of the Mz3Tool6 Tool Set for digital Multimedia Books

  • No recurring Payments
  • The amount of Offline Books (viewed in the free Mz3 Viewer6 for Windows  or macOS PCs) is not restricted (we expect “fair-use”).
  • Every published Online-Book needs a dedicated “Activation Key” (kind of license per book/URL).
    One key already comes with the license, additional ones are available for little costs (<< 10$) via an “In-App-Purchase”
  • All minor versions with unchanged first and second version number are free.
  • The Mz3 Viewer6 to view books and Windows oder macOS PC is available as free Download for every potential user.

Alternative or supplementing Option to Mz3Tool6 to create Photo eBooks

To build pure Photo Books in an easy and fast way (“One-Click-Solution”), consider the focused “Tool” Mz3 Photobook6 for exactly that purpose:
Drop your Smartphone or “real” Photos into the App and enjoy your Vacation again and share with friends and family.

An EXIF viewer is included, showing the location where the photo was taken in a map (OpenStreetMap).

Multimedia eBooks easy and fast with this unique Tool Set
Toolbox medium

Multimedia Books created and published with the unique Mz3 Tool Set for perfect eBooks of any kind: Reports, Photo Books, Company Profiles, Magazines

Price: 49,90

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows, macOS

Application Category: Multimedia, Digital Publishing, IDE,